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Advantages of completing an Intervention Adoption
If the safety and well being of the children can be guaranteed, then restoration and reconciliation with the biological parents is preferred, but this is not always possible and the Dependency Court process is difficult and uncertain. It is generally accepted that next best option is to place the children with extended family members, but sometimes there is no one suitable or willing in the family to adopt the children. In these types of situations, there are many advantages of attempting to choosing to have your children adopted through the Intervention Process rather than allowing the State Foster Care System to make the decisions of parenting that are normally reserved for the biological parents.


These positive benefits include:
light_icon Helping your children to become stable and secure by finding them a loving family and healthy home so that they can finally have the life they deserve.
light_icon Preventing your children from experiencing the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to the foster care system and going through the dangers of multiple foster home placements which may lead to Reactive Attachment Disorder.
light_icon Reducing the grief, loss and post traumatic stress of your children in being separated from you by quickly placing them in a permanent family through adoption within days of your decision and consent, which limits the amount of trauma and upset they endure.
light_icon Allowing you to exercise your last parental right of assisting in picking the best parents for your children whom you can talk to on the phone before you make a commitment to sign the adoption consents and eventually meet them at the Intervention Hearing.
light_icon Providing the opportunity through our agency to receive pictures of your children several times a year with a report from the adoptive parents describing their progress.
light_icon Maintaining an ability through our agency, to give letters to the adoption parents and gifts to the children, although the name and address of the adoptive family remains confidential.
light_icon Immobilizing the State and DCF from arbitrarily and without your knowledge or consent, placing your children into families and with unknown foster parents.
light_icon Terminating immediately the ongoing Dependency Court and Termination of Parental Rights Hearing, and usually all other Family Court matters.
light_icon Stopping all the conditions, restrictions, court appearance and mandatory reports that are part of the Dependency Court requirements that are requirement of your appeal for renewed custody.
light_icon Saving you any ongoing expenses of attorneys, court costs, missed work, counseling, education, travel, child support payments etc.
light_icon Giving back to you your life, time and self respect, when you know you are fighting a battle that you can never win as you feel that you can never beat the system.
light_icon Potentially creating a favorable impact on your criminal court proceedings for child abuse or neglect charges because:

a) when your children are placed for adoption there can be no continuation of the offense,
b) the act of choosing adoption for your children show both awareness and remorse of your previously destructive choices and genuine concern for your children’s well being, and finally
c) justice is both served and seen to be done by the many emotional costs of losing your children, even when the burden of your loss and pain is chosen by you in exchange to better the life of your children.

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HOPE FOR FAMILIES ADOPTION SERVICES has loving families who desperately want to adopt and become parents. Before we recommend anyone to you through our rigorous home study and clinical assessment process, we first have their backgrounds thoroughly checked, and make sure there is no criminal record.

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