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Reasons for Having your Children Removed
There may be many reasons why you researching this website and as a clinical counselor, my heart goes out to you. Perhaps your children have been removed from your home by the DCF Child Protection Services. Perhaps you were arrested for some charge. Perhaps now you have lost custody or even visitation of your children. This is a great tragedy for your children and for you as their parents. We understand that life can be so very difficult and sometimes the very last thing you ever wanted to happen to your children has occurred!


ALL people make mistakes! In our experience, despite loving their children, many parents may still struggle with:

  • Arrests DCF Child Protective Services action Losing your job and finances
  • Criminal Charges Police investigation Mental Health Issues
  • Incarceration Court Orders Divorce Custody Battles Death in the family
  • Alcoholism Mental Health Issues Trauma and Crisis
  • Drug Addictions Homelessness and foreclosures Domestic Violence
  • Physical Child Abuse Sexual Abuse of Children Child Abandonment
  • Child Neglect Child Endangerment
And there are other explanations for the living nightmare you are facing…


You may be thinking about these reasons that the State took such decisive action to remove your children from your care and then are regretfully replaying the events over and over again in your mind. This mind numbing remorse will not help your children. You cannot make it go away by wishing or avoiding. Your children still need you to make the best decisions for them!


ALL children need to be protected, feel secure, and have all of their needs met, both physically and emotionally. You are their parent and you must decide what is in your child’s best interests. Should you attempt to challenge the State through the dependency court and hope that a judge will rule in your favor? Ask yourself, “What are my chances of winning with what I have done or allowed…, how long will this whole process take…, and what will my child suffer during this length of time to be without a stable, safe home and a permanent, loving family to take care of them? Ask legal counsel if possible about your options and then call us if you need our assistance to complete an intervention for you!
You do have a choice! You can exercise one final parental right! You can save your children from the Foster Care System! You can choose a family to adopt your children and give them all of the advantages in life that they deserve! The choice is yours…
(Read about when intervention may be the best option….)

Hope For Families Adoption Services, Inc

HOPE FOR FAMILIES ADOPTION SERVICES has loving families who desperately want to adopt and become parents. Before we recommend anyone to you through our rigorous home study and clinical assessment process, we first have their backgrounds thoroughly checked, and make sure there is no criminal record.

"Real love is putting your child’s needs ahead of your own and making a future for them!"

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