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Providing alternatives for Florida parents facing Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

When Intervention may be the best option?

If the safety and well being of the children can be guaranteed, then restoration and reconciliation with the biological parents is preferred, but this is not always possible and the Dependency Court process is difficult and uncertain.

It is generally accepted that next best option is to place the children with extended family members, but sometimes there is no one suitable or willing in the family to adopt the children. In these types of situations, there are many advantages of attempting to choosing to have your children adopted through the Intervention Process rather than allowing the State Foster Care System to make the decisions of parenting that are normally reserved for the biological parents. (Please review the
Advantages of Intervention Page)

Exercising your remaining parental right by choosing a pre-approved family to adopt your children may be the very best option for both your children and you when:

  • There are NO family members and NO long term family friends that can provide a safe, secure and loving home for your children. These family members or friends must be able to pass the Florida Adoption home study process which includes being able to provide for the children by proving adequate income, living space, permanency, emotional stability, physical health and longevity of relationships.
  • When there is no term caregiver who wants to adopt your child.
  • When you know that you cannot take care of your child in the manner they deserve.
  • When you have come to the conclusion that your children would be better off with another family who is stable and loving, and does not have the same amount trauma or challenges that you have.
  • When you realize that you can not win this court case…
  • When you know that you are merely going to add problems to the children’s future to battle court any longer.
(Read about how the intervention program works)

Hope For Families Adoption Services, Inc

HOPE FOR FAMILIES ADOPTION SERVICES has loving families who desperately want to adopt and become parents. Before we recommend anyone to you through our rigorous home study and clinical assessment process, we first have their backgrounds thoroughly checked, and make sure there is no criminal record.

"Real love is putting your child’s needs ahead of your own and making a future for them!"

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